VR Cursor Dot Appears With CoreGUIs off

So I’ve been messing around with VRService and made my own working hand-to-controller positioning, but I noticed…
Whenever I point forward, there is a dot that appears infront of my VR headset and it annoys me, as I don’t know what it is.
I’ve tried messing with my CoreGUI stuff, but it still appears.
I’m guessing it is a Core, which is why I am putting this here.

My PCall:

repeat game:GetService("RunService").Heartbeat:Wait() local PCallSuccess = pcall(function() StarterGUI:SetCore("VRLaserPointerMode", 0) StarterGUI:SetCore("VREnableControllerModels", false) end) until PCallSuccess

What Core do I have to set to false for this to go away?
If you have an answer that was obvious and I’m stupid, please give me it.
Thank you!

Weird, VREnableControllerModels isn’t documented anywhere in this page: https://developer.roblox.com/api-reference/function/StarterGui/SetCore

If you put a print("blah") after that line, does it print?

EDIT: It looks like it’s definitely a valid thing, but it’s just not documented.

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The PCalling is before all of the hand stuff, meaning the PCall isn’t the problem here.
This is very confusing because if I set up a print, it does indeed print after the PCall.

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