VR custom physics + engine physics

This was interesting to get working and the result worked out well.
It’s essentially layering of interaction, and the tough part was getting foregripping working with collisions.

The foregrip position is actually an offset from the base cframe between the raw cframe and the proposed foregripped one, and this is lerped accordingly. This allows it to look good and feel good even if the player is moving. The challenge was getting this system to work with collisions and the result is this.

The mag system worked naturally after foregripping with physics was functional.


Is this gonna be the bonelabs of Roblox?!

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I have been a fan of your vr ares game for a while, my main question with this is, how are you gonna get around roblox’s lame pixel rate? in vr theres a limit, boneworks gets around this by making the pixels blurry but Im sure as the best dev on roblox you could get around this,

also is this gonna have a campaign?
are you working with anyone?
and biggest question of all, is this raytraced?
your previous projects have a slow but working raytracing engine, if you could speed that up 1000x and make that the games graphics it would look NOICE



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Mmmmm… Nope.
That ain’t roblox.
I do nOT believe it.
How realistic that looks is INSANE.
Great job.

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The campaign is the primary focus, the work is 50/50 between me and CanyonJack, and no it’s not raytraced. The pathtracing game was a slow demo.

Also, this hasn’t been open for testing but we’re trying to soon change that early 2023

I heard some people saying they got to test ares VR out,
Also whats the story like?
Is there Anti Aliasing?
Do you plan on making the game Ray Traced?
Does it Support Shaders?
Is there a voice acting team and if so who are they
will youtubers voice them?

and biggest question, Will you try to eventually try to port the game to steam if its successful
Or will the game be paid on Roblox, if so how much?
20 dollars in robux or 40?
this is a game thats better then the majority of other steam games, it
personally seems like it might be better then boneworks,
also will any of the tech included in this game be opensource to provide others with realistic gun tech

Also has roblox recognized it yet?
Roblox has been funding projects with 1000s of dollars recently so
have you reached out?

Roblox has built-in anti-aliasing on high graphics.

Real-time ray tracing is not possible in ANY Roblox game. Implementing ray tracing is something that engineers at Roblox need to do themselves for a number of reasons.

If you’re referring to ReShade/RoShade, that is compatible with any game on Roblox.

Ray tracing in current-gen games requires a GPU with ray tracing capabilities (Nvidia’s RT Cores, AMD’s RT Accelerators, Intel’s RTUs), PoptartNoahh’s path tracer demo relies on the power of the CPU to make ray calculations, which is much slower
and what’s worse is that Roblox only utilizes 1 CPU core.

It’s impossible to add real-time ray tracing to Roblox games as ray tracing needs to be implemented into the engine to take advantage of ray tracing hardware on said GPU’s by Roblox engineers as they have access to the source code.

The VR role (aka tester role) was open on their discord server for a limited amount of time, and people in it were able to test. It is closed now, I believe.

its sad how little documentation of ROBLOX vr scripts and controllers are, one day I hope ROBLOX can add a more polished vr mode so new developers can make vr games. Hopefully people like you make roblox VR more popular in-turn more resources’ will be made.

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