VR doesn't work at all occasionally

Sometimes, when I try and play a Roblox game (via the website), I get this on my monitor:

And this inside the headset:

I can’t see anything at all, and I can’t open the SteamVR menu.

The game doesn’t use any custom scripts for camera or controls. I’m using a Valve Index headset and controllers with SteamVR.

Haven’t tested with Studio.


Include a link to the game that reproduces this issue, or a specific repro game. Your log file might be helpful too if you haven’t confirmed this happens for everyone. :confused:


Happens on every place I try, but here’s the place I used as an example.

Log file:

log_2DE87_last.txt (13.5 KB)

Also seems to be on and off - it works occasionally. Here’s a log file from when it does work:

log_907D0_last.txt (15.0 KB)

Something else I noticed is that, when it doesn’t work, it says to ‘put on your VR headset’. That doesn’t happen when it works.


Thanks. This seems particularly relevant from your log files, so I’ll highlight it for the sake of search.

1595361196.01366,60c8,6 VR ERROR: compositor->Submit(EVREye(eye), &texture) returned 101
1595361196.01466,60c8,6 VR ERROR: compositor->Submit(EVREye(eye), &texture) returned 101

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VRCompositorError_DoNotHaveFocus = 101,

Maybe this happens when the player window doesn’t have focus? Which you can probably fix with Alt+Tab, and might be part of the general set of issues with focus stealing.