VR framework is really close to being finished!

Going to create a group for testers soon!

New stuff
Almost full tool support, sitting, super optimized, better foot planting, full body / tool collisions.
Just for an idea of how much optimizations I did, I can join on max graphics and just get no frame drops or stuttering.

Once finished it will be fully open sourced for the public, I do not have a specific date since this is a passion project and I work on it in my own time.

Please be patient as I work on this, thank you for reading.

I almost forgot, here’s the link to the testers version. Soon it will be for testers only.


Amazing work man, I’m making a framework myself and the main problem is when you have a multiplayer server it will start to lag a lot after a few minutes, so it’s nice to see someone optimizing this it just makes me want to optimize my game lol.


Takes a lot of work, I know how it feels man.

Yeah, how long have you been working on this?

Over 6 months at this point, taken over 500 updates.

Wow. I just recently picked up my vr game again, been working on it for like 2 weeks at this point (after I got back into developing it) but in total the time I’ve spent with my vr game is probably like a month and a half. What do you plan to add next? I’m trying to add force grab to my game, kinda like boneworks

I’m going to recreate the built in tool system that Roblox has because I think swapping tools with the grip button is not the best.

Nice, I think my plan is to add force grab and then weapons or something then maybe spend a while optimizing it until the point where I can play with no lag at all with multiple players. Do you have any tips for optimization? I’m sure our frameworks are quite different but there is probably a few similarities.

Try and remove as many if statements, but also keep as much functionality as possible.
If it still lags then strip away the functions one by one until you find the thing that’s causing it.
There’s always a solution, you just need to think outside the box.

Alright, thanks :slight_smile:

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That’s incredible! That’s some serious dedication; I’d like to thank you personally for taking the time to open source this to the public; there aren’t many resources for virtual reality creation, and I believe this will benefit a lot of new developers.


Thank you for the support, I’m adding comments and some documentation inside the scripts to tell what’s happening and what I did. I hope that once this is released people can make many new VR experiences.


Some tips for optimizing.

1.Avoid use loops. (use UIS.UserCFrameChanged)
2.Avoid using Server to move hands (Use client with Network Ownership to move hands. Use Server for controller input and stuff you can’t move manually.)
2.Take corners to make the script smaller (Make a modulescript if you have to)