VR menu disables GUI without ability to enable it back

Previous gamepad menu in VR had 2 additional options: “recenter” and “toggle UI”, and old gamepad menu appeared even if UI was disabled

This becomes a problem because when you press a button to open escape menu, UI gets disabled which makes it impossible to navigate in gamepad menu, because it will be invisible

Replication steps: open gamepad menu, then press “menu” button, it will open escape menu, and hide other UI, which includes gamepad menu

Video demonstrating the issue: (second time I opened escape menu again blindly, which shows that gamepad menu is invisible, but reacts to input)

Expected behavior is for new menu to be always visible, and have “toggle ui” and “recenter” buttons
(ideally there is a lot more stuff that needs fixing in VR, but these issues with gamepad menu make VR a lot harder/impossible to use)

Screenshots of toggle ui and recenter buttons in old round gamepad menu:


Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


VR update fixed an issue with GUI getting completely disabled

because of it toggle ui button now is not as needed, and mostly recenter button missing is the onle issue left (and it can be fixed by implementing custom recenter script)

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