VR MP7 Reloading + Attachments

Any thoughts are welcome, hope you guys enjoy once this game is out.


If you hadn’t made this post and I just saw this video, I’d think this is some very well made vr game. It is mind blowing that this is roblox. I love the attatchment system and I can’t wait to try this out for myself. Keep up the great work!


That was so amazing!!!

Isn’t it?

making me want to go out a buy a vr headset

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Fantastic Job TopNartPoahh from the server of the hit game room 2.

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that cant possibly be roblox… this is too good!

incredible work, wouldnt even know where to start on saying how good it looks

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Wow, this does not look like Roblox. Jeez great job!

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Thank you, the support helps a lot!

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Making me want to win the Oculus in the RGDC gamejam. Can’t wait to try making VR games myself

when do you plan on releasing this ???
i would love to play it !

No idea yet, but I’m trying to get a release date as soon as possible.
We have some youtubers and community members ready to test this stuff.


I’d love to test it out!
medias are in my bio on roblox