VR Player scale?

Thank you for looking at this topic :slight_smile: I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of increasing the scale of a VR Player, for instance in the game VR Hands they have much larger players in VR and smaller PC players I was wondering how this was done.
I hope I didn’t overlook anything already on the forums.

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Hello, @jackthefur please research on the web before directly contacting the forum.

Helpful tutorial: (OUTDATED, READ PINNED COMMENT) How to Make Your Own VR Game on Roblox! - YouTube

Hey, thank you for linking me this however I have already watched this video and decided that I’ll make my own VR script and I’ve done that I’m just looking into how I can increase the size of the player like in VR Hands.

Like camera scale?
if that’s the case then increase the CurrentCameras HeadScale value

Ill try it but I believe I tried this already, the issue if I remember correctly is the hands are then to close to the player.

you’re probably making the hand cframe = the vrservice getusercframe stuff
look into a few more forum posts since they have code that will solve your drifting hand problem

If anyone is looking for this in the future, workspace.currentcamera.headscale is the answer to scaling up the character.