VR players can only open the game menu once, and never again

Reproduction Steps
Step 1: go to any place in VR mode.

step 2: Open the roblox menu, and select the ‘menu’ open at the top

step 3: close the menu with the B button

Expected Behavior
I expect to be able to open the menu as needed for gameplay

Actual Behavior
The menu is not openable despite how many times i press the menu button

video: WIN 20210923 12 51 45 Pro Trim - YouTube

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Display
Impact: Very High
Frequency: Constantly


(already commented this on the video provided but whatever :stuck_out_tongue: )
I had this issue as well. however it seems as though you can still interact with the menu, as pressing x will still open the menu, pressing y will open the reset character box, etc. remembering where each icon is on what used to be the radial menu seems to be the only workaround until they fix it, unfortunately.

Sorry for the super late reply. Just to confirm, we have a ticket filed in our internal database for this issue.

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this issue was fixed with the new vr API stuffs

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