VR Reflex Sight Parallax


Spent today modeling, texturing and scripting into the game. Reflex projection uses a surfacegui with a frame using vector math for parallax


Your vr game is way too advanced from the other ones!

I’ve never seen something like this in roblox’s vr history!


Is that using like, you look into the scope and its zoomed in where everywhere else is not?
If so, thats good enough already.

Yo. This is like a really crazy creation. Good job 10/10


It just projects a red dot with edge culling, there’s no magnification

Sorry, im not good at guns. Lol.
But are you gonna make magnified scopes in the future?

Holy bro, this looks better than ever vr shooter game I have ever seen ROBLOX FOR WIN!!!

good work noah! This is absolutely amazing, but I don’t know if the guns are shaky or if its your hands.
also the recoil seems a bit extreme.
also, if this is a vr game, you should use audio to cause haptic feedback, there are many videos showing how to.

This is ROBLOX? It looks like an AAA VR game.

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The recoil is very realistic for an auto pistol, but it might be disorienting as your RL hands wouldn’t feel it.

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Wow! Looks realistic and amazing!:+1: Out of roblox.

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There’s haptic feedback for nearly everything atm, from inserting a mag to pulling the slide to feeling the foregrip etc