VR Text Chat System Help

I need to figure out how make a VR text chat system

I’ve tried to make a surface gui system but the closest attempt I’ve gotten the gui shrunk and that attempt wasn’t very good

I can’t figure out anything else to do

NOTE: if this seems badly worded it’s my first DevForum post

I’m not sure.
To make a VR text chat system in Roblox would be to use the in-game chat system. This can be done by creating a script that captures the text from the chat window, then displaying it in a 3D GUI object. You can then use the 3D GUI object to display the text in a way that is easily readable in VR.

The Roblox Chat system doesn’t work on VR though, I have had people try that and nothing happened, also the player isn’t the startercharacter but a fake character placed in a folder in the Workspace because of how the VR system had to work so I can make it work

i fixed the cframe issues, but the surface gui isn’t interactable still (this is so sad)