VR throwing mechanics with welds

Im currently developing a vr game. When you let go of a part, it falls straight to the ground. I googled it and someone found a way to get it with part.velocity, and im not sure how i would do that. I use a weld that gets unwelded, so i need to find some way to do artificial continuing movement. please help, because im very lost.

Elaborate. Are they simply activating a button called throw or do they need to actively be moving their hand at a fast speed inrl when releasing the object. If 2. is what you want then you need something that constantly stores the previous positions and time, then calculate the speed based off time and position median from the table storing values and if it exceeds a threshold get the lookvector of the hand thats throwing and then simply apply body forces to make it be “thrown”

alright, ill test it in a bit and get back to you, but yeah that sounds like it would work