VS - Table Serializer

I have made an extremely good table serializer. A table serializer is code that turns a table into a string.

Advantages over JSON

  • About four times as small as JSON
  • Much more reliable
  • Relatively fast

The module contains four functions

  • .encode | Serializes a table
  • .decode | Deserializes a table
  • .encode64 | Serializes a table and returns the result in Base 64
  • .decode64 | Deserializes a table encoded in Base 64


local vs = require(12143638565)
local data = {money = 55, stage = 15, rebith = 2} --sample data

local encoded = vs.encode64(data)
print(encoded) --result should be 1XVXn0dlqYOtpYQ8UDdjE4Wsp7Ubw7fia8adtQ0MDg000

Use Cases
The main use cases for this would be

  • Sending data over events
  • Saving data to data stores (note: make sure to use 64 varients of the functions for this)
  • Sending lots of data using the MessagingService.


  • Does not encode Roblox Data Types (Instances, Color3, ect)
  • Does not encode functions, userdatas, threads
  • Does not encode metatables
  • Cannot handle cycle references.

That is about it, hope someone can find this useful.


I will most likely use this for my remote framework packet compression, awesome work!

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Hope it works well for you; if you have any problems with the module please tell me. Additionally, I added some limitations that the module has.

Wow! Great module. I tested it and the results were impressive; the encoded string is relatively short and is able to hold various data types.


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