Wιɳƙʅҽ Sσƈιҽƚყ Exile Rules

For the full list of rules, please see this link here - Wιɳƙʅҽ Sσƈιҽƚყ Rulebook

Rules are in place to insure the safety of the group for you and everyone else in it. Anyone who forgets their place and violates any of those rules can face the punishments. That is why we have a striking system in place for your benefit.

1 Strike - You will be given a warning, no further actions will be taken against your account and place in the group.

2 Strikes - You will be exiled from the group, you may rejoin after 1 month.

3 Strikes - You will be permanently banned from the group and unable to join.

For violating rules such as begging for Robux, being disrespectful, advertising your own product etc, you will only be given 1 strike.

For violating rules such breaking the ROBLOX’s terms of service, targeting a specific player or community, exploiting, impersonating a high rank etc, you will automatically be given 3 strikes.

All strikes will be recorded by The_Flash589 and the other executive members of Wιɳƙʅҽ Sσƈιҽƚყ, they are not up for debate. Ranks or any other progress will not be returned upon re-entry.

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