Wait times for post approval process

Hello, I know you all have used or tried to use Restricted category’s through post approval.

My question is how long and does your post take going through post approval and what is the most time it has taken.

This post may seem like a complaint, but I would like to know for the the next time for wait time’s.

It’s has been about 15 days without a reply after I edited it. It was 4 days after I got a reply to change and it did and since then there hasn’t been a reply.

How long does your post take for approval? This is similar but I didn’t feel like I had a clear answer.

I’m have a bit of trouble understanding this.

There it is fixed, sorry for the accident.

You are the OP of the post you linked (well not really because you linked my post lol).

You could have continued that topic instead of reposting.

There is still a big backlog due to the current pandemic. Post approval is not a paid job and the people in it are volunteers.

If you have any suggestions for the team to cut down the backlog i think that would be extremely appreciated by them. Because right now this is a rant “omg pos aprovels r takn 4eva!!”. There is no fixed amount of time that it can take because the people manning the inbox are actual humans.

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It doesn’t really matter. Time fluctuates, post approving isn’t a job, it’s volunteer work. Your thread get approved whenever they feel like doing it.

Post approval can get over 50 new requests a day, on top of the existing requests which are already being handled. The wait times vary, this has been answered multiple times before.

For a speedy post approval process:

  1. Make sure you follow the category guidelines. Your post will be approved much quicker if it has the required information.
  2. Don’t bump your request to ask when it’ll be approved. The inbox is sorted from oldest to newest by most PA members which means your request just gets bumped to the back of the queue.