Walk and Run Animation Binding Together

Alright, so in my new project I have a walk/run system, but the Walk and Run Animations are bound together, as if they are overlapping and both playing. Here is a video:

Here is what the walking animation is supposed to look like:

To change these animations, I’m just editing the local script inside of the character called “Animate” where I have changed the IDs inside of the values, and the IDs inside of the script to my custom animations.

Any way I can fix this without making a custom animate script?


maybe if you set the weight to “0” for the run in a the animate script? you would then have to make sure you change that script out when the player joins if it works… I think its easy to do as the new script will override the original animate script…
You might be able to fix this by adding a value called “weight” to the run animationID and set it “0”

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Thanks for the reply, but I managed to solve the issue. Here’s how for anyone wondering:

Nowadays the “walk” and “run” animation are the same. The “walk” animation is not used in the default animation player, it is just a slowed version of “run” animation using animtrack:AdjustSpeed(). I made the “run” animation in the animate script be the walk animation, since it is the same as the “walk” animation. The run animation is separately loaded by the sprint script.

Sorry if this is hard to understand.

I see, yeah animation are very delicate I find… smallest thing can mess everything up…

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Thanks for helping, but the walk animation isnt used anymore. It is simply a slowed version of the run animation.

hmm, I didnt know that about the run/walk but that would explain some issues ive had in the past, anyway good luck, the game looks awesome BTW

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