Walk cycle animation

I haven’t animated in a while, and so I decided to do a quick walk cycle. Thoughts?


hm, seems both fluid and stiff, it’s just a lil’ bit odd but still smooth enough to pass by people without it looking weird

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Something feels off, and I believe it’s how the lower torso does a sudden stop when it’s goes down and the upper torso constantly rotating

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This walk cycle is perfect for cartoon like games! I can see that you might have used inverse kinematics, with maybe the roblox animation tool.

Though, there is a few fixes that you might want to do, like the torso movements. It’s totally unrealistic nor organic, and it looks weird.
Then, you should review both arms and legs and make sure they are symetric.

Admitting that you’re a beginner, I won’t go too far into details, those fixes will be more than enough!
Hope that helps.

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