Walking and Running

While scrolling through the animation script I noticed a walk animation. How can I make it so just holding [w] will make me walk and holding shift will make me sprint?


Holding shift to sprint is as simple as changing the player walkspeed when the player presses the shift key using the context action service or the user input service, I believe this also reflects changes in the animation as well


----using IsKeyDown (example)
local UIS = game:GetService("UserInputService")
local Humanoid = game.player.LocalPlayer.Character.Humanoid

local DefualtWalkSpeed = 16
local RunningWalkSpeed = 30

while true do 
   if UIS:IsKeyDown(enum.KeyCode.LeftShift) then

Humanoid.WalkSpeed = RunningWalkSpeed 

Humanoid.WalkSpeed = DefualtWalkSpeed 


As @Jaycbee05 Said it is as simple as changing the walkspeed, You can have a look at this script to see how it works.
Hope I helped you and your welcome to contact me if you have anymore.

Iā€™m having trouble with the animations, I want to make so that it only plays when the players is moving and pressing shift at the same time, what is the solution for that?

Hi @SneakyyOrange This is indeed the incorrect topic but I will still happily help you out. If you have a look here you should find all the relevant information you need.
Hope I helped you and your welcome to contact me if you have anymore.