Walking animation isnt smooth as i would like it to be

My animation is not very smooth, and feels very artificial, even with me using easing styles.

For the idle animation, I think the animation is a little too exaggerated. It may look less artificial if you make it more subtle. For example, making the arms and head rotate/move a bit less while inhaling and exhaling.
As for the walking animation, the character appears to be gliding because there is no torso movement. I suggest making the player’s body bob up and down more as they walk around.
That’s my two cents. Keep going, and keep in mind that 99% of animating is trial and error!

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This is simply a problem with your easing style, easing position, and keyframes. Right now your animations are very exaggerated. In addition, if you think about when someone moves, they also slightly lean their head and torso in the direction that they’re walking. This is known as foot-planting.

Converted Rig to R15 Layout and is now much easier to animate. Also it is properly rigged now.