Walking Animation only Visible to Local Player

So i am currently using the roblox “Animate” script and changed the anims on it to custom and put it in the StarterCharacterScripts but it seems that the Walking Animation is only Visible to the local player but all the other anims are fine.

If you know any Possible cause for this please tell me.


try replicating it to the server from using remote functions

Make sure to add enough details to your support request:

Probably because its a localscript, local scripts run for the player and do not affect the server.
If you want the walk animation to work you could try adding a animation controller and making the animation using the animation editor plugin in studio and the animation instance.

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but all the others animations running are from the localscript :confused: ??? the only problem is the walking

Do your animations fire a remote or anything to communicate with the server?