Walking thumbstick doesn't move over any GUI whenever a mobile player drag to it

I have a game that can be played via mobile device, they have guis needed to be visible to function. If a mobile player move their thumbstick to walk over any Guis, it will get stuck there like any common roblox games with guis overlapping the thumbstick area. I don’t want to have that. I don’t mean that the guis should move to any, but I want the thumbstick to be able to move over them.
I have tried to make the guis in vicinity selectable false and it doesn’t work. I checked if a thumbstick could move over the guis via Devices in emulation tab. I searched similar topics to this but might have not found any solutions
Here’s the link to a video about this topic.
robloxapp-20220724-1207462.wmv (1.2 MB)