Wall Creator - Create walls with ease

Wall creator is a plugin that allows you to resize and place walls between a group of ‘posts’ with ease!


To use Wall Creator simply place a group of parts (posts) in the shape you’d like to make your wall, select them [CTRL + Click] in the order you’d like to build the wall in.

If you have no specific order in mind, group the posts in a model and select only the model. The plugin will use the clockwise point sorting algorithm to do the rest!

Example posts:


Once everything is selected, set you ‘Wall Size’ settings to whatever you’d like, and hit the Build button to finish!

If you’d also like your posts to align themselves to follow the contour of the wall, click on the Align Posts button with the walls still selected.

Changing the build mode though the dropdown will also allow you to build fences. Simply select the posts the same as before, select your fence segment count, resize your wall, and hit the Build button.

Fence example:

Toggling the close loop bool describes whether or not it will connect the start and the end posts with a wall or not, shown in the fence example above!

Get the plugin here: Wall Creator - Roblox
Watch it in action here: Wall Creator Plugin - YouTube

Don’t be afraid to let me know of any bugs or feedback you have below! I’d really appreciate it!


Isn’t this just basically GapFill by @stravant ?

Tell me what the difference is, because from what I see, it fills gaps with parts.

I suppose it’s quite similar, though the main difference is this allows the parts to be a variety of sizes, and fills multiple gaps at once. The GapFill plugin creates multiple pieces of geometry to fill in the gap between two parts and makes the transition between the two virtually seamless.

Definitely similar but not the same. I suggest watching the youtube video I posted for a better understanding.

Another key part of my plugin is the ability to automatically sort and build walls across posts without a specified order.

Good question though! :smiley:

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Ok I see, so GapFill uses triangles, but instead you just use one part that is rotated at the other post’s angle.

Good work! Though I probably won’t use it, I recommend for better performance.

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Yep that’s the gist of it! It also has the ability to rotate the posts to follow the contour of the wall.

It basically just automates a lot of manual labor. In the future I plan to make this plugin a lot more powerful though!

This post is mainly just made as a tutorial for the people who own the plugin since I learned you can (somewhat) post devforum links on plugin pages, and a lot of people didn’t understand the tutorial I used in the plugin.

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Good job on this plugin. I have a couple suggestions below.

  1. Maybe add a scale dummy on the rotating viewport so the user can get a sense of scale?

  2. Add an option to remove the original parts so the walls are seamless.


bruh at first i was like:
“why on earth would I ever need ‘wall creator’?”
this is actually useful though. this is great. i love you (notgay). keep working hard g

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