Wallrun System feedback

Hey there! So i made a wallrunning system, got any feedback for it?

To be honest, i feel like there is something missing to this system, ergo, im here at the forums. Trying to atleast get a clue on whats missing.

I want a smooth wallrun but i just can’t pinpoint what function/system i need to add to make this a lot smoother.

(Forgot to upload my bad)



Tween the camera rotation and make that the player falls when not wallrunning. Everything else is cool


You mean gravity while wallrunning?

As it was well-sadi by Ratzifutzi, you could make it so the Player slowly falls down, since thats what would happen irl too. I suggest you play a Game called Parkour. It has a really realistic Parkour System, and ofc, a Wallrun. You can first see the Wallrun on the tutorial when you join, or just mess around with it in general


First of all it would be nice to have a bit of camera shake.
Second of all, the last wall run was the head running on the wall and not foot

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Can you clarify, when would the camera shake happen?

When your foot lands on the wall, it could shake a bit

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Yes, a little gravity while running that moves you down a bit

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