Walls Clashing Issue

Hi there! I am currently experiencing a problem where two walls are clashing through each other. I obviously thought at a first glance that this would be an easy problem to fix. However, I now realize that despite the two walls being flush against one another, the clashing is still occurring. Do you folks have any tips to help combat this problem? Here are a few pictures that might help you guys understand the scenario.

Picture 1: The walls clashing through each other (I am referring to the random white streak in the middle of the outer brick texture)

Picture 2: This is where the walls are connecting. They are absolutely flush against one another. I do not believe that there should be any clashing happening.

Thank you guys in advance for any advice that you can give!

EDIT: I have traced the problem to the white wall texture that I am using. Does anyone know of a way to stop a texture from glitching through walls? I can use other textures without the glitch happening, but I am quite fond of this wall texture.


Have you tried changing your move amount? image

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Hi there! I have just changed it to 0 and turned collisions on so the walls couldn’t possible move through one another. However, the issue continues to persist. Thanks for the suggestion!

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This may be an issue with the texure you’re using. Try using another texture.

Also, could you post a closer image?

I would, but unfortunately the streak goes away if I get any closer. Also, I changed textures but the issue still occurs. However, when I delete the white wall, the issue goes away. The problem is that I know know that the walls are 100% not clashing. This might sound a tad confusing, but if I arrange the bricks a few studs a way from each other, to the point where they are obviously not clashing, the problem still occurs. Here is a picture that shows what I mean.


Clashing is still occurring even when the bricks do not make contact with each other. I double checked and all of the brick wall parts are completely together, so there is no way that I should be able to see any cracks. This whole situation is just confusing haha.

(I am not sure this will fix the problem you have, but I will try anyway)

You can slightly merge the walls into each other to avoid strange gaps and white lines. To avoid glitchy textures or Z-fighting change the position of the wall by .001 (in the properties tab), so the walls textures do not clash, but rather sit on top of each other. You would not be able to notice the one wall sticking out slightly more, since its such a small change.

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Unfortunately that didn’t fix the lines, but thanks a lot for the suggestion!

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Hello, you could download a plugin called Resize Align which could fix your issue.