Wanna see something amazing?

look at this image:

this was taken in roblox.

no special effects were added after the screenshot was taken. it is pure roblox.

The fact that the engine has come this far is insane. Thank you roblox for SurfaceAppearances!

For those who dont believe me:

The only thing i changed in Lighting was that I changed the ClockTime to 14.

what do you think about SurfaceAppearances? Have you ever used them?


Not even going to lie, I actually love this, can you send more screenshots via DevForum messages?

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yeah. i cant rn because i am working on a plugin, but i will when i get the chance!

yes, i love using PBR materials :slight_smile: amazing technology good job roblox

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Actually, no. This was done only in Roblox. I was testing to see how well it worked.

I most likely made ur background in Blender :grin:

Only changed the clock time in lighting? Dang.

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Yeah. I have EnvironmentSpecular at 1, so it gets pretty dark when I turn the time down

It looks stunning, what do you plan to do with these wonderful pieces?

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I dont actually know. I majored in Blender effects (as a school class) such as Lighting, and I was very excited when I found out that PBR textures were a thing.

I am in the process of creating a Ultra-Realistic VR shooter. The weapons and map will use PBR textures completely…

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