Want to adjust roblox pre2021 textures

Hello fellas.
I tried editing textures by taking the ones in the folder, which has got .dds extention
after getting the normal map, color map and everything i’ve come to an issue.
Issues are with normal maps and roughness maps.

–Here’s cobblestone texture for example
I know that diffuse stands for colormap, and reflections are for roughness.
Seems right i think until i import them into material variant…

I tried changing or removing some texture maps and the texture still was wrong.
Anyone could help and lead me the right way to solve this issue?

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I have thoughts that for creating a new material, roblox require different map colors?
i cant be sure
help plz

I’ll try to explain this as best as I can from how I’ve understood the situation when looking into the same thing myself. The pre-made in-built “roblox textures” (new and old) use a different way of making the “pbr” effect to what is allowed by roblox to be uploaded. The “roblox textures” use 3 main textures with “Reflection” being a replacement for “Metalness” and “Roughness”, The normal is also using a different sort of calculation as you can see by the “roblox texture” normal maps being mainly orange, whereas regular/custom pbr normal maps are a mix of purple and green, but there’s also a sub script that’s built into the platform that is designed to calculate colours of the default materials diffuse maps. Some of the pre-set materials also appear to have extra hidden texture(s) that get overlayed (i.e. the flowers on the grass texture stay white even when the grass colour is purple) as well as the cracked lava texture having a mild “emission” texture that gives the appearance of it glowing.

Additional Info

There are many effects you cannot achieve with the current tools available for uploading custom materials, for example the way the in-built “glass” material is rendered, is different from basically every other material as it allows bending of light and appearance of meshes when translucent. You cannot pick how custom textured materials are rendered even when set to the “glass” override. The default is set to “AlphaBlend” which means there will be no distortion when the part is not opaque.

This also goes for Emission, Hight, Specular and other such pbr maps, you cannot upload materials that give off light (like “Neon” and “Cracked Lava” do).

Unfortunately the best option is to go onto websites like “Ambient CG” and find similar looking textures, then after downloading them, mess around with the diffuse colouring on programs such as photoshop (or photopea a free web alternative) then import them into studio and set up a material replacement in the MaterialService. Here’s a Youtube Tutorial on uploading from AmbientCG to roblox.
I would personally recommend converting the diffuse maps into greyscale before you upload, to allow later colour changing within studio without the need to re-texture the diffuse every time.

Of course you could always try and create you own pbr textures but that takes a lot of time, effort and mostly trial and error with programs such as Materialize (Video tutorial)

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

aww this is awful! :c
i hope roblox lets us customise the textures more… i hope… hope

i know the thing about texture parts that stay same color
but i recently found a model asset, cant find it now but! it was named like Roblox Legacy textures
and there were roblox pre 2021 textures and some old terrain textures. they didnt had any hidden textures but! their normal maps and everything was right and as same as the original ones.
wish i saved this asset but if i find one, i might message or create a new topic if you dont mind :slight_smile:

found it! its my lucky day!


this is probably close enough for most use-cases, but just as a note here’s the difference between the cracked lava textures (left is in-built roblox, right is material replacement)

yeah, quite tragic. i hope roblox makes a feature about this aswell! would be great

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