Want to animate my player so that the arm stays in the same position as it ended

I’m trying to make a script so that my player “checks his watch”, or for any animation it could be, I want him to bring his arm up to see the time, but I don’t want the arm to go back to the normal position. I want him to continue looking until I fire something that tells it otherwise. What exactly is the syntax for that? I’ve been trying to use C0 but I can’t really find much about it. Any help is appreciated.

I’d make a second animation that just loops holding the arm there
it would play during the first animation and have a lower priority so that it doesnt show until the first one ends

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thank you, I will definetly try this. I probably need to do a lot more research on animations to start off.

Simpler yet, just add a keyframe named ‘End’ to the animation which represents the final pose of the animation and then listen to the track’s KeyframeReached event/signal to hold the animation in place once that keyframe is reached.

local Track = Animator:LoadAnimation(AnimationObject) --Load animation into a player's 'Animator'.

local function OnKeyframeReached(KeyframeName)
	if KeyframeName == "End" then Track:AdjustSpeed(0) end

--Assign other properties if necessary.
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