Wanted: Idea for next game feature in my game

So, I have made this little game where every stage has a feature chosen from some random features. I invite you to suggest one or more new features, and I will implement one of the suggestions, if I can.

This is the game so far:

So far there are stages with teleportation portals, bombs that blow holes in the ice, tornadoes that suck up things, rainbow stages that add colour. Stuff like that. :slight_smile:

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Good game so far!

Things I would tweak/change:

  1. The camera should be scripted to ONLY be seen from above when PLAYING and changed back to a closer one when they leave the game.
  2. A tutorial is needed when players first enter the game as they are just thrown randomly in a puzzle with penguins and expected to play normally.
  3. The scoring system should be changed, different colors and a more popping font.
  4. The text for when the stage is next presented should be spaced out and not squashed together.
  5. The model of the fruits shown on screen can be presented a little better with MUCH better looking designs.

Overall, this is a pretty fun game! It’s just a little bit complicated especially for the future little kids who would be playing this. Goodluck and keep us updated!

If you need features, here

Some penguins are unpushable and will knock you down
Decal popups
You are costantly taking damage and you need to find healing items
First person?

Are you supposed to be able to jump on top of the ice cubes? I think it might be more fun to have it like a labyrinth, so I think you should have a transparent block above all the levels.

Hi Nyles,

I made a mini tutorial. :slight_smile: Never done that before.

I agree about the camera, I will have to try that.

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Good ideas, thank you.

Nighttime is added - and in the simplest possible way. I just tweened the game.Lighting.ClockTime. Still, it looks good.

I was going to add a headlight for the player, but it was immediately a pain to find some information. maybe it’s as simple as parenting an accessory to the player character.

What does decal popups mean?

@42Spider_man42 Yes, the idea was that you can jump over. But I could add a feature stage where you cannot. Then you would need some way to destroy cubes, though, otherwise you would very quickly get blocked. I was thinking of a pyramid stage, where the pyramid is the “roof” over the maze.

@Coolsbloxian First person probably didn’t work because I had used a property of the humanoid to offset the camera for a better overview. Yes, the humanoid has a property that is related to camera position … odd.

I changed in now, though, so that instead, there is a localscript that offsets the camera based on the transparency of the humanoidrootpart. Why? Because there is no way to detect the current zoom, as far as I could see.

Thanks for the feedback to both of you :slight_smile:

Added the UFO that I got from a friendly player I met while playtesting. :slight_smile: The alien is not a great pilot, but I think it looks funny so I kept it. :smiley: If I remember it correctly, the tumbling UFO looks a little like close encounters of the third kind, which is a real classic SCIFI movie.

I also tried looking a little into the design, but I am not great at graphics. Does the new spacing look better?

  • A is better
  • B is better

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Next stage type, would you help me decide on that?

  • Meteorite strike
  • Health drain
  • Pyramid
  • PvP mode with read and blue team
  • 2048 but with icecubes (it’s a game named 2048)
  • Horror stage (nighttime with a very large long-legged monster)
  • Cyber-stage with black surfaces and colored lines, like in Tron movie
  • Move on to another game, this one does’t have potential for more

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Sorry I didnt reply sooner

Decal popups are where an image will pop up and cover the whole screen
I have seen it in low end horror games

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