Wanted posters/billboards

Hello developers, I’ve come to a huge stump in the road regarding the usage of wanted posters on ROBLOX.

My game currently features a system where if a user is warranted, their in-game avatar + their username is put on a board that says they’re wanted, so everyone is aware.

I’ve had this in my game for many months, up until recently my game was suspended and was told it is “giving out personal information”

After a lengthy back-and-forth conversation with a ROBLOX moderator, they’ve informed me of a lot of things that many people might not be aware of.

One being, you cannot display a real users displayname or username in game.

So, as confused as I was I tried asking them to compare what I have on to other games and get an understanding of why what they have was permitted, and what I have wasn’t.

When comparing it to Jailbreaks wanted system, they said it’s “Not a wanted or missing poster”
When comparing it to The Wild West’s wanted system they gave me a copy-paste “If you want to report a user …” etc. response.

Now I am being forced to delete the thing in its entirety, and would like to see some input from the developer community in this matter.

Below is what my wanted board looks like in game.


Roblox needs to properly moderate! This is unacceptable!


Me who has my own name in my game; :scream:

Seriously, thats a rule?

Well, I dont see that here

Idk what moderation is on

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Neither do I, I am absolutely lost at the responses I got from the moderation team. I would show more of the responses I got but the screenshots are too big to compile down into a readable size.

No idea why you’re surprised that your game is held to stricter standards than frontpage moneymakers. This is just the default for Roblox, obey the rules until you’re too big for the rules. Happens all the time (PSX with the unlisted odds and offsite selling and such, Arcade Island with the biased odds and allowing robux purchases for currency used in gambling, Spray Paint with the very clearly hands off moderation, so on and so forth)

You just can’t save this in your game using data stores.

But what if it doesn’t save them? What if it simply says that a player broke a law and when they’re out they would eliminate the poster? That wouldn’t be a problem, and also, how did you reply after the topic was closed?

Maybe the problem is that the name persists after the player leaves.

What do you mean by that? I don’t get your point