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Warband Honor Guard
Member Codex

Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Purpose
III. Induction Protocol


Honor Guard, a highly exclusive protection detail of Warband, is composed of the 15 (excluding the Council+) most loyal and disciplined soldiers Warband has to offer. The Guard consists of loyal, hardworking, dedicated, talented soldiers who will put the Infantry above all else. They have sword to serve and protect the infantry and its High Command at all costs and will stop at nothing to get the job done. Each Guardsman is handpicked. There are no tryouts. When selected, you will go through a series of trial to test your ability to push your limits. If you pass the trial, you will be accepted fully as a guard.

The Honor Guard are tasked with keeping close to High Command members and ensuring their safety when they venture to any of Warband’s places. In addition to being the security detail, the Guard are also role models to those of the public eye. They are the ambassadors of Warband.

To prove you are fit for the job, you must demonstrate loyalty, grit, determination, skill, endurance, and camaraderie. Although skill is not the number one factor of being a Guard, it plays a major role in the decision to determine your position.


The Guard’s purpose is simple and straightforward. Everyone knows “Royal Guards” to be statuses of a group and to look intimidating in the eyes of the observer.

The Guard should and always will be, that above average if not better fighting force that is tasked to guard High Command at all costs. However, it is your personal duty to see to it that member of the community see you as a role model.


As explained in the introduction, every to-be Honor Guard is handpicked personally by the Commander through a detailed analysis and review. Individuals that are chosen by the Commander are then told to respond for trials.

Once invited, you will be put through a trial system to test your abilities. During these trials, you will be trained the formations and procedures of protecting the HC.

Trials last about a month or longer depending on how you do.

Once you have passed the trials, you will be sworn in as an official Honor Guard. A ceremony will take place where members of Warband will be there to congratulate you on your achievement.

After completing the trials and taken the oath, you will be inducted into the ranks. You will also be on trial for two weeks to make sure there are no slip ups and that you are active and whatnot.


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