Warcraft3 style camera

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I’ll be going through my old scripts and releasing a bunch of them. I’m never going to use these and Id rather see people get use from them instead of them just sitting in my storage. So like before I don’t need credit or anything its completely yours to use/learn from whatever. If you can find a use out of this then I’m happy.

Anyways enough of the introduction, today I have a camera from one of my favorite games. Warcraft3 frozen throne. The camera is an overhead camera that you move around using the arrow keys. Now I never implemented the mouse move camera function > but you can move the camera around with arrow keys > and you can type -zoom and then any number to zoom out or in. For example -zoom 300, -zoom 50. You could even do -zoom 50000000 which you probably wont be able to see anything anymore since 300 is fairly far from the map lol.

Anyways Enjoy

Warcraft 3 Style Camera - Roblox