Wardrobe Asset I made

Hello Developers,

I recently made a Wardrobe/Closet for my mini showcase game coming up soon :smiley:
Here are some screenshots of the build,



Some feedback / idea would help a bunch! Thanks for reading,
Tixolate :heart:


That looks really good! But I’d suggest adding a bit more color

Sure but, add more color to what?

The wardrobe, it looks a little plain being the 1 color, But other than that it looks really cool

Well there is 3 colors (Just the closet), but because of the lighting it’s kinda of hard to see I guess?

Thank you!

Okay, I see what you mean now, I looked at the pictures again and I can see the colors

Looks great! I wish I could build things like that!

Mhm, It’s kinda hard to see so I might change the tone a little bit more

It’s all about the experience :grin: I really appreciate your feedback this motivates me a ton thank you!

Happy To Help, Good Luck With Your Development! :slight_smile:

Nice and simple, would work well for a lot of games. Well done! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@EfficientlyReset Better?

Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it :smiley:

This looks really cool! Probably one of the best wardrobes i’ve seen! :smile:

Oh my gosh really?! Thank you I feel very much appreciated :heart:

Yes, I can definitely see the color differences

its very cool indeed!! but you should add more colors just like what @EfficientlyReset said!

I did! You can see my reply on this post, I changed it up a little

yeah lol, looks a lot better!!! you should make more such beautiful builds!!

Thank you! and I will, since I love building now :smiley:

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For a simple little design, it looks adorable and I love it. I hope to see more great work from you. : )