Warned for a harmless decal?

I am currently baffled,
I made a stripe line for my saturn v model and i got warned for “inappropriate content”

Since the saturn v has a checker pattern, I do not get how i could get warned from this please help me.


This is Roblox moderation. An absolute train wreck. I do not see anything wrong with the image, and I do not see what is so inappropriate about it. Unfortunately, uploading it again will likely get you warned again. There isn’t much you can do.


Uploading solid colors is typically viewed as suspicious because it’s the most common way that users bypass moderation in order to upload hidden inappropriate content onto the platform—it depends on the moderator whether or not it goes through, and I would recommend changing a pixel and trying again

this happens a lot this is why i don’t make decals i just make them on alts then make my main buy it
i don’t like this because only limiteds what you can make in that felid i also notice most makers of the decals are banned roblox really needs better moderation how you got warned broken moderation is it your falut no as a early game creator i got warned for making a harmless decal of the super super happy face i would not bother appleing just take the warning and move on its sad but its the best thing to do

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They could of thought that you was doing something inappropriate with it, people use that type of stuff to use it for inappropriate stuff. like exploits GUI, and other stuff. if it’s just a warned. i would not worry about it! if it’s a banned, just contact Roblox!

I recommend you uploading decals on your alt accounts like @kandjgameing824 said. If you are worried that other users can access them, then just hide your inventory from others in privacy settings.

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Am I the only one that sees a black box?

Great job Roblox.

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it was literally a black rectangle for my pattern on my saturn v rocket

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LMAO Roblox is on something. They need to invest in AI.

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is my net slow, or is that it
if thats it Roblox what the heck are you doing

report this to a mod
robloxs moderation system is like “i dont like this one i will warn the guy who made this”

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But then you can access it on your main account?

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You can appeal for this image to be approved, just contact roblox customer support. Or, do as @TheGh0stRunner stated, just change a pixel (and rename the file, as they may be the issue), and try again.

Why not? You simply copy and paste the id of a decal.