Warning: LocalScripts ran by exploits can alter .Touched() parts server side

If you’ve been out the loop of ROBLOX’s Sword Fighting community (linked swords), let me introduce you to the common sight: Reach exploits

How it works:
Basically, all you do is run a short script to resize the sword’s handle and go on your merry way, killing people from miles. Now, this looks like a simple issue targeting only a portion of the community, except you can actually resize any part with a .Touched event and it will replicate server side, which means other people are also affected.
You could simply go to Natural Disaster Survival, resize one kill brick to something huge, sit back and watch as the whole server dies. Thankfully, the resized .Touched fires only once, but this is not the case for the linked sword, as it runs a touched event over and over. This is a serious security flaw and it’s been a thing for years.

This is probably the wrong section, but I cannot post it anywhere else, so here you go. This is currently unpatchable by the way.

You’re suppose to do magnitude checks to combat this.

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This has been the case for as long as I can remember. In order to combat this, you can add sanity checks such as some distance limit for dealing sword damage.

Exploiters are able to do more than this too. It’s possible for them to fire Touched or TouchEnded for any part in your game, without actually touching it or even being nearby.

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This is because of automatic network ownership. Physics for unanchored parts that are near a player, or tools that a player has in their character will be handled by that player. This is for latency reasons; this is what it would look like if you had the NetworkOwner of the tool set to the server rather than the player:

short video


It’s easier to tell how painful the difference is when you’re in-game, but you can see the movement delay between the animation beginning to play and when the character actually moves.

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