Was about to start a new blender animation when this happened[Solved]

I imported my rig along with some other objects that I intend to use as reference for the animation but when I imported they all spawned far from origen. Not sure if this is a big issue and will offset my animation ingame or not.

This shouldnt impact anything unless you import the model with location data,. and that’s a maybe. If you’re concerned, just move the model to the origin.

it might impact it but if you move the models back to the world origin and set their origin to the world origin that should fix the problem.

if you want to avoid this then make sure your meshes are positioned at the world origin before you export them

Set your models position in studio to 0,0,0. When you import the models in blender. The models will be at the center of the world in blender.


Oh I remember, been a while since I did a blender animation , I remember now!

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