Was :GetMass or physics regarding gravity changed?

Gravity Coils that use :GetMass and BodyForce are shooting players directly into the sky.

Normally the coils in my game give roughly (0, 1500, 0) force on BodyForce, but the new updated coils give 4 times that. I haven’t changed the coils so it must be an update.

I’ve received two messages about it today, so It’s a recent change. Any ideas?
If it’s an intended change, I can update the coils to make it work differently.

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@V_yriss What is your gravity set to?

Can you provide a model of the gravity coil you are using so the issue can be reproduced?

Here’s my model: https://www.roblox.com/library/811254630/gravity-coil

I tested the actual gear, which also seems to be affected:
game:GetService(“InsertService”):LoadAsset(16688968).Parent = workspace

I’m going to guess something was changed to be compatible with R15’s mass.

196.2 as default!

Earlier today they made accessories (mostly?) weightless when worn, so what’s happening is the coil applies too much force because it’s still compensating for the weight of the accessories you’re wearing.

There were some hats (swordpacks, tails, etc) that allows players to jump faster , and I heard that was recently patched but the change started causing them to float when using the default LinkedSword. May be related.