WASD keys firing multiple times

Since the latest update, Studio is registering multiple key presses from the WASD keys specifically (as many as 3 times in one press, a few times it just kept firing continuously) during play testing. Doesn’t seem to affect anything besides text entry in-game and it does not occur in the client.

Steps to repro

  1. Set up a listener (as complex as an InputBegan function to as simple as typing in any TextBox)
  2. Press W/A/S/D

I’ve been creating a plugin that uses textboxes a lot and whenever i press one of the control keys, it repeats the letter 2-3 times. I thought it was on my end until i tested in a new instance of studio with the chat GUI.

It’s quite frustrating but it’ll hopefully be fixed soon.

When I hold down W, A, S, D or any arrow key, the inputbegan and inputended events in the userinputservice repeat firing until I release the key. This is only happening in studio; the same places online do not show this behavior. It fires inputbegan twice for the key, and then inputended twice.
Strangely, this is only for the movement keys, and for no others (that I tried, anyway).
Another strange behavior is that it only repeats the most recently pressed key, so if I hold A and then hold S, it will only repeat S. This does also work for other keys, e.g. if I hold A it will repeatedly fire A, but if I press L, even if only for a second, it will stop repeating A.

I have also noticed that when I release the key it fires inputended again, which is causing an asymmetry in that inputended is called once more than inputbegan each time (which is causing issues for my place, and what caused me to notice it).

The bug started happening this morning, everything was normal yesterday. It happens in any place I open in studio. It also happens when I host a local server.

This bug is causing the input system in my current project to glitch out, and is stopping me from developing on that place, as I cannot move when I try to test in studio.

I recorded a video of the problem, and here is the place I used to get the footage, although this is happening in ALL of my places.

BugRepro.rbxl (12.2 KB)

Also happening to me. Really annoying since I need to use various text inputs for something I’m working on.



This should be fixed now.


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