Wasted 1000 Robux? Problem with advertising

Hello. I have an issue with advertising my game. I paid 1000 Robux for my advertisment. It got over 120k impressions and over 1k clicks. In the ad I specified that in the description of the experience there is an exact date and time when the game is gonna stop being private and becomes public. When the experience launched I realized that literally nobody was waiting for the launch because nobody expect me was playing my game. While the ad was running I got few friends rquests and a message.

I checked if the description is readable when the experience is private. It is. I checked if I launched the game at the right time (August 7th 2022 4 PM UTC) I googled UTC time. I didn’t launch the experience too late nor too early.

Here are more information about my game and the advertisment:
The ad itself:

The description of the game was:
“The game is based on my Minecraft world named “Wool War”. This version has features, which never made into the Minecraft world. The open Beta release date and time is August 7th 2022 4 PM UTC.”

I have an question: Why the launch went like that and nobody from over 1k people played the game at lauch? Any help is appreciated. :slight_smile:

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why would you advertise a game they cant play? i dont mean to be rude but thats not a wise decision and frankly i dont see a reason why you didnt just advertise when your game was open. you are asking alot of players to read your description and even more for them to remember the release date. think from their perspective. they see a random game they have never played before and that is private. theres nothing for them to really care about, nothing memorable, so probably a day after seeing it they forget that it even existed.


I suspected a different reason why the launch failed and your reason makes sense to me. Thank You for explaining that to me. Let me just do a huge facepalm. :man_facepalming:

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Hard truth is, people do not care.
If you don’t already have a following then you shouldn’t expect people to wait around for the launch of a game, epically when all they’ve been given is a description and no visuals.

Plus I’d suggest putting more effort into your ads, simply put, no one wants to read a big block of text, and by doing so you’re actively killing any influence your ad may have.

To improve and for better results I’d suggest only advertising once your game is completely finished and ready to be played.
Put more effort into your ads, they need to be eye catching and attention grabbing, not black and white text.

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This also makes sense to me. Especially this sentence:

Hard truth is, people do not care.