Wasted Will, Game progress, feedback for motivation

Hello, today I’m going to share some of the progress on the game I’ve been solo working on for almost 3 months, I hope you like it, ANY feedback is appreciated It helps keep me motivated :smile:

HQ: https://gyazo.com/0a55f87c60dd6df7dab045589b85a9cf

Inspired by Sekiro, Ghost of Tsushima and the Dark Souls series, this game focuses on a mix of these with PvP focused gameplay and an interesting storyline with a dark eastern fantasy theme.

Some Lore Spoiler

Cursed into an endless cycle of never ending death the player is cast onto the cursed Islands, a mysterious series of islands witch have been renown to be a place in which the worst criminals have been sent to, a fate worst than death. The player finds himself questioning his actions and begins regretting his decision of the deal. The worst of all fates was to be sent to the cursed Islands. The islands that have been there for centuries with an ancient history of dark and mysterious rumours, being in the middle of the ocean there is no escape its either rot and die or struggle to survive. What mysteries of ancient history await you on this cursed series of Islands!?

This game is planned to be one of the more serious “eastern style dark fantasy” games on Roblox with plans to become a deep and thrilling multiplayer game.

What makes this game different?!

I decided to focus on a really satisfying medium paced SKILL BASED combat system which will reward the player based on how good you become at predicting movements, and timing your attacks while thinking of possible stance combinations.

Some clips of current Development:
Nothing here is 100% definite to stay, it will either be this or better.

Player Movement

Weapon Movements

Some UI

In terms of armour and clothing the player will have 3d clothing which is 3d modelled on blender and as close to possible as physical cloth simulation using either ball constraints or using the new skinned mesh feature to animate cloth movement.

When the game first releases this year In Alpha It will probably just have a map and the first intro scene with a motive to fight other players which will reward you as the player. Later on If I get enough support the game will continue, Introducing the continuation of the storyline, secret bosses of ancient fallen warriors that reward gear and Items which give SLIGHT advantages that won’t Impact gameplay too much but if you know how to use this gear It will be advantageous, once again it will be Skill Based.

As I’m sure you fellow Dev’s know its difficult to work on such a game solo, I’m open to accept some fellow teammates even though I don’t have much to offer other than my 4+ years of dev experience as tips :sweat_smile:.

Note: I will try my best to release the alpha for this game within this year! :grin:

If you want to stay updated on progress join the discord for the game if you’re of age 13+

I don’t want to spoil much more, so thanks for reading, have a good day!


Nice job, I can see it having potential! Honestly the platform does need more deep and thrilling multiplayer games, and I can see this one being one of them!


Honestly, it’s an honor working with an amazing and fun group of people. So far the experience has been insane and we’re getting a lot of progress done. The project itself has a lot of potential with talented developers and I’m looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish in the future.

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The discord link is broken :frowning_face: can you update it ?

Srry, I updated it, also note that this game has changed a lot and is in new concepts