Watchpoint: Misty Mountain Information


This thread will be going over the rules & regulations of the base including information about the terminal system and needed requirements for an official raid to be valid. If you raid the base, you accept that you have already read this thread and agree with said information below.

Rules & Regulations

  • Scout the base first before you plan to raid here.
  • No sort of glitching such as flinging or frog jumping, etc.
  • Exploiting is strictly prohibited. The server will be voided and action will be taken against the user who executed the exploiting.
  • Flaming is allowed but is to be kept to a minimum otherwise you will be muted.
  • Mountain climbing is not allowed. If you fail to get down from your warning, you will be spawned using admin commands.
  • Server hopping is not allowed at Watchpoint.
  • Any raid requests past 10:00 PM EST will be declined unless allowed by the Imperator.


  • Minimum of 13 defenders with one HR included
  • Minimum of 17 raiders
  • Notify a user of Strategic Command or higher for a raid request 10 minutes or more.
    • The user of who you message should respond back with a confirmation if the raid may be valid.

Terminal Information

  • Raid Time: 1 hour (60 minutes)
  • Control Points: 2500
  • Recap Style: Rollback
  • Capture Radius: 10 studs

Terminal Capture System

  • For every defender standing within the given radius of the terminal, the control points will increase by 5 points per second.
  • For every raider standing within the given radius of the terminal, the control points will decrease by 1 point per second.


  • The terminal does not have an overtime system coded, however, if the raider team is still capturing the terminal or if the control points are not being captured by any team yet is lower than the max points, then a high rank with access to terminal is to increase the raid time to 999 minutes.
  • If the defenders recapture the terminal (not to 2500), then the raid is over and defenders win.

Ex-Successor joa_n
Imperator xSnowBear
Successor xTacticalBear

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