Water Behavior and player weight with pets under water!

Hey there!

I don’t know if i’m at the good category, but my question is about Water Behavior and Pets Weight.

I’m the programmer of the Game Time Simulator: https://www.roblox.com/games/5698243693/HALLOWEEN-Time-Simulator

The next map to come out is a map under water! So we used water to make the players swim in…

The problem is, my pets make the player too heavy to swim… The player fall down and can’t swim at all. More pets you have equipped more the player is heavy.

All my pets parts are massless but the player still gaining weight with his equipped pets.

So this is a huge problem because you just can’t swim and it breaks the map…
How can I fix that?

Are you sure the pets are entirely Massless?
Some models may have a master Part that is outside of the basic Model.
Can you provide a screenshot of the Explorer window with the Player and all the sub models opened up in it during a test?

It seems I resolved the problem! Thank you for your help x)

Then explain how you resolved it for future use so others trying to Search the forums get an explanation, and mark your post as the Solution.