Water has a weird deep hole when you look at it from far

So, I’m making an island, and I see that looking at the water from far it makes these weird deep holes, but when I get close to them, they look fine to me.

Not sure how this happened, or what is causing it.


It’s a mixture of different terrain.

Probably just a combination of your render distance and various textures under the water. Can you maybe provide a screenshot of the terrain underwater?

Not sure why so many textures can cause this… Anyways, here it is:

It contains: Grass, Sand, Mud, and Ground.

In some parts which don’t have a mixture of textures has these holes.

That, as @NicholasMck said, is a mixture of the grass texture from underwater, your rendering distance and sync. It is nothing to worry about. For an example, players with the max quality and high resolution PC won’t see the “holes” you are seeing.

Then, let me play the game in roblox, and see if is still possible to see.

Mk… It looks worst

It would appear the position of the water in the Y axis is different there than in other spots. It looks a bit like a whirlpool. It’s just hard to tell the difference when you’re up close.

Perhaps at some point you shifted the terrain painter grid a little bit up or down and now the water level is different in certain areas.

My suggestion is to redo the water and make you don’t move the brush up or down. Keep it at the same level on the Y axis.

I’m using sea level tool for the water, the water is perfectly straight (I believe).

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Yeah, judging by the screenshot, it looks more like the water itself isn’t level and is rather patchy in some regions. (I thought by holes you were referring to the green splotches in the water which is caused by the grass texture)

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So, what should I do? Do you have any solutions?

I would go out on a limb and say that this isn’t your fault, Roblox just has pretty crappy Terrain LOD. I’ve experienced issues like this before.