Water Hose Simulator

I just wanted to get some feedback on what already been done for the game so far:


The name is water hose simulator and its basically a game where you must suck water out of ponds for water which can be sold for coins and stuff.

However doing this would just be like any other simulator so I had the idea to possibly put a story into the game where there is the impending destruction of the planet and water needs to be transported to mars to colonize it using a special form of item which can compress the water into crystals which make them easier to transport.

That is as far as it it for now, but, I wanted to know what you all think and if you would play it obviously if we try make it more story orientated that what I just described do you think it wouldn’t be appalling or do you think it would be worth the effort having a story within a simulator cause I do have some experience with story writing.

  • I like the idea as it is:
  • It could do with a few changed in the idea and look:
  • You should try merge the story and simulator theme:

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That looks very nice an unique I can see you are also very good at low poly style. Just Wanted To Say Keep Up The Great Work!

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Thank you I’ve been saving up to be able to create a game like this, do you think I should add a greater story to the game?

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Yes I do I think you have the brains :brain: and the skills to do that

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Just a suggestion, but “Water Hose Simulator” seems a bit exotic and weird. What about Gardening Simulator?

Cause it has nothing to do with gardening, it could be called Water-Vacuum Simulator or just shortened to Vacuum Simulator.

It looks to me that they’re just watering plants and trees, is that not what the game is?

Nope, but I did explain it all above:

Looks like a typical simulator, try varying your map and making it stand out from the other simulators

Okay, how should I do that, I was thinking of trying to create a simulator map to begin with, then improve from there. Or should I try something else?

Thank you all for the helpful feedback, I will implement more stuff into the game that were voted on in the polls.

Here is the map so far for now:

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