Water Ranking Service (FREE NOW)

Water Ranking Service | About

WRS is new and modern, currently allowing players to use common moderation commands such as -kick, and -ban, to things like -promote, -exile, -demote, -fire, -setrank, and many more cool features. I’m current developing this with over 900 lines of code and we are still going. We recently switched from a paid service to free! There are premium features, we are planning on adding music to the bot for premium users only and add logs for premium users only for only 150 robux a month! I definitely recommend you try it! I will sometimes fill out custom command requests for your guild and we are really looking for new command suggestions and anyway to improve the bot so that this community can benefit the most.

Water Ranking Service | Jobs

We are currently looking for a few staff positions to fill, some of those include setting up the bot in different guilds, we are looking for support, and most importantly we need someone to make us a good discord bot icon as well as a few logo images! You can contact me, the cofounder/developer on discord at ryan10197#0691. I really recommend you apply, in the hiring section of our discord that will be linked below in the next section, you should be able to see that it says we aren’t hiring, we really are, I’m just making an application!

Water Ranking Service | Contacts

You can contact either me or the founder at :
Founder: Chairlift456345#2032
Me: ryan10197#0691

Our main discord, (permanent invite) is :

Thanks for reading and I really recommend you join! :slight_smile:

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