Water reflection onto part

I’m trying to make small water movement project onto the environment like this:

Here’s a GIF (wouldn’t embed)

It would be cool to add this to my poolrooms game.

Does anyone have experience with this?


Asides from the basic properties under Terrain, there isn’t much you can expand on.

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I still dont understand what you are trying to achieve, the first GIF doesnt load and is static… what is the second video of?

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The first (hyper) link is a GIF of what I want to achieve, the video is what I currently have.
I want the cool water reflections seen in the GIF projected onto the parts in the video but I have no idea how I could possibly do this.

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Try increase water reflectance and transparency and add greenish water colour and also play with lighting stuff

First this you need is Future Lighting
you can use some animated texture and a light with shadows turned on
but I forgot how to next, because this can be just a special hardware
because my PC does not support light reflection like a mirror

that block under water is the light for example but you don’t need to move the light "better the use animated texture, if I add a light in top of the water there is no reflection like a mirror or a real water.


I have a client way for removing waves texture. Go to roblox files and platform content and pc and textures and water delete all images. Also try reshade for such effects.

I don’t really understand. Could you maybe share a studio place file?

I didn’t understand what you were needing, but if you want a reflection, try using a reflection plugin, or copy and pasting the room on bottom, and set the floor transparency to a low amount, I’d recommend using a reflection plugin (it’s easier that way)