Water Rise - Solo Game

Hey, so I started developing a solo game in October 2020 and I have recently added a lot more content and I would like to receive feedback and honest opinions on the game. A in-depth thread of feedback would be appreciated.


Climb to the top of various maps to escape the rising water and be crowned the champion of Water Rise and earn coins to buy cosmetics and gear to help fuel your performance to gain more wins and climb to the top of the leaderboard!

Game link: Water Rise - Roblox

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Do you already make a post for this game ? I already see it on the devform

I think so, but it was a few weeks back and I cant delete it because I don’t have permission to. I have also updated the game significantly since.

Just from what I saw, kinda limited in what you do at the moment. It is pretty thought out for a solo game, but I think there is a lot that you can improve :smiley:


  • It’s very simple
  • because it’s at the top, the leaderboard and chat cut it off
  • loads of extra space
  • Shop needs more content other than tags and a couple powerups. Perhaps cosmetics (pets?)


  • I had maps come up twice in a row, see about reducing that possibility
  • kind of lacking content. Gets boring doing pretty much the same thing over and over, make it unique so that your game stands out as an alternative to flood escape rather than just another "the floor is lava type game. Try different minigames for instance.
  • when all players get to the finishing area, speeding up the round could be useful since we ended up just standing around at the top for multiple seconds
  • more variety of music would be nice
  • Dying is kinda boring, suggest adding some death animations (cough cough cosmetics above) where you could animate a person drowning, or maybe exploding (or something)
  • Add a only day mode / time changing mechanics since I can’t see when it’s dark lol (bad monitors)

Yeah just my feedback, keep up the work :smiley:


Thank you so much for this, I really appreciate it and I will take all of this into consideration and work on improving. Have a good day kind sir!

So while I’m not a professional or anything, I’ll try and give some basic feedback.

  1. Have a super quick tutorial message on first entry so players know what to expect going into round

  2. Map design has a few opportunities for improvement

  • Imagine 10 people playing at once. Almost all your maps only have 1 “correct”/maximum path, and its very easy to identify. If player collision is on, that can be fun/interesting with a few players but 10 people fighting for one parkour spot is not. If collision is off, trying to see through everyone else sounds awful
  • Bigger maps/risk reward system; consider path A being easy, but capping out at 10m high. Consider path B being more difficult, with a safe platform at 8m and a very difficult jump that leads to 12m high. If you miss the 12m high jump, you fall to a “catch” platform at 7m. Basically, you can reward taking the risky route without completely punishing the player. This would be relevant in bigger maps
  • I think speed/gravity orb takes away from your game and I would recommend cosmetic items instead. Not sure if you have this already, but maybe players could “purchase” next map instead. Or you could have global modifiers; use points to make the next map low gravity or something
    -More mechanics; moving parts would be fun
  1. Music was kind of loud and obnoxious (in my opinion), but maybe younger kids are into that haha. At the very last, please up the variety of songs and make it so the same one doesn’t get played twice in a row

Overall I actually think this game would be enjoyable, but since it rides entirely on map mechanics to create gameplay that will likely be what makes and breaks the level of fun your game gives.

Ending on a positive note though, I really like that you’re creating themes with the maps, and having little things like the “mario” comment on the pipe level. Telling little stories with map design is fun and cool. Goodluck on your game!


Thanks for this list of improvements, I like a lot of the ideas like the cosmetics and reward system, I will try work on it. Once again thank you for all of this, it is very helpful. Have a good day!

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Okay, so after playing the game I can for sure recommend a few fixes that’d improve the game

  • For sure nerf the money gain, you can just grind the lobby parkour faster than the game itself, as they both award 100 coins
  • Add some sort of visible box around the play area, such as glass. So it looks like it’s legitimately filling up
  • Make the game harder, it’s almost impossible to lose in it’s current state. Even just adding stuff like a basic push item, or a custom game mode with swords
  • Adding onto that, make multiple paths instead of just one correct path. Kinda like how @MediocreMushroom mentioned

The game could get addicting, but it’s just too hard to lose. So some balancing is for sure required, keep at it!