Water Tentacles

So this is something I worked on for a couple hours last night and this morning. It’s a water tentacle. It has two modes: Circle and Tendril. You can see circle on the platform and you can see Tendril when you click.

The idea is to try and push the limits of how many parts can be moving at once in a practical game, and thanks to trey and his triangle code that limit is pretty high. In it’s current state you probably wouldn’t want to use this code in a tool that you give to your players, but it would certainly leave an impression if you were to use it around the map in places like a water fountain or a geyser.

My implementation is probably horribly flawed, and as a direct result some LODs won’t appear properly. Here’s some that I’ve found that do appear properly.

This is the smallest LOD. It gives a ribbon effect and has very little performance cost.

This LOD isn’t very intensive, so you could use this if you have a lot of effects going.

This has a nice balance between aesthetic and performance and it’s what I decided to use for the demo.

Past 10, any dynamic effect is going to be too much for most people to handle and roblox will start throttling the appearance of materials, reflections, etc… You would really only use an LOD this high if you intend to copy the effect and place it somewhere like a statue.

At this point a dynamic effect is out of the question, because roblox has a limit to how many triangle updates it will do per frame. You can already see it pushing that limit and tearing a bit and that issue only gets worse later on. This is so many parts that the only way you’re going to be using this is if you’re building a showcase.

The module script that creates the tentacle object is in the workspace. I trust you guys can figure it out.

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Kill it with fire! Wait… it’s water.

Eerily reminds me of http://developer.roblox.com/forum/look-at-this-cool-creation/5986-tendrils-by-a2d8-gif-pic

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Like I said in the LOD spoiler, roblox has a limit to how many updates it will do. That causes tearing if you’re trying to update a lot of effects, so that’s why I don’t recommend giving the players tools that create the effects the way I did in the demo.

I can see a few uses for horror games.