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Hey Devs! I have a question, is there anyway I could remove a certain part of Water Terrain I’m trying to do it with game.Workspace.Terrain:Clear() but it deletes the whole terrain I have, is there a way to just remove a certain part?

Hey, you can use Terrain:FillRegion(Region3, Resolution, Material) to fill up the specific region with Air.

Terrain:FillBlock() can also do the trick.


Oo thats true can u give me an example of what i put in the ()
like the position or what and what is resolution


local region = Region3.new(Vector3.new(0,0,0), Vector3.new(10,20,30)) --Creates a region between these two positions.
workspace.Terrain:FillRegion(region, 4, Enum.Material.Air) -- Set the region between the to positions to air

FillBlock can also do the trick.
The CFrame is the Middle of the block, and the size is, well the size from the middle.

local CF = CFrame.new(Vector3.new(39, 42, 10)) -- Middle of the block
local size = Vector3.new(2,8,7) -- 2 studs on X axis, 8 on Y axis and 7 on Z axis.
workspace.Terrain:FillBlock(CF, size, Enum.Material.Air) --Fill the block with air.

There are many more types of fills, like Spheres and Wedges that you can check out in the Terrain DevHub page.

Terrain Class

As far as I know, the resolution must be set to 4. The position is a region between 2 positions

Thanks I’m confused tho :frowning:

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Which part is unclear? I’ll try to explain it again :slight_smile:

Wait i think i got it i will try it :slight_smile:

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Alright, if you ran into problems then write them here.
And if it worked for you, please mark the solution :slight_smile:

its not working cause im rlly confused