Water Terrain with High Memory or Parts to make Ocean looks less like ocean waves

Heylo reader, I am asking for your recommendation if I should use Water Terrain or Parts that are sticked together and have a decal to make it look like an Ocean.

THE ISSUE: The issue is that I want my game to be lightweighted so that people with poor computers can play my game, but with making an infinite terrain of ocean biome, this makes it heavy. However, parts are nothing to complain about, but they make it less to look like ocean-ish.

SOLUTIONS I’VE TRIED: nothing I need your help and advice and the roblox wiki doesn’t have and info for this

and sorry if my post is bad I’m new :)))

I think it depends on the context. What is the purpose of the water? Can the player go in the water? Can the player go indefinitely if it’s the case? If you were to use parts to make a ocean, are you going to make a script a way to swim? How Shallow is this water?

I’ll allow a more experience person to anwser this, though this might help in deciding if nobody else replies.

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My game is plane combat, so players will not be able to touch water.

So, You might have to use the water terrain if the player is gonna interact with the water as using parts might now allow the user to have the same experience as using the water terrain. It may be heavy but its for the experience. So if the player will not interact, you might need to use a very detailed decal to illustrate the way water is. But still I doubt it may be as good as the water terrain as you can see the displacement of water to show water waves… but you may not be able to do that with a decal. So I’d rather use the water terrain if you are going for a good quality.


I think parts will do the trick, since it meets you criteria in your first post. However, I’m not an experienced person so it’s best to wait for other opinions before making a final decision.

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What does most of your game already look like? If it’s realistic or already uses terrain, then use voxel (terrain) water.
If it’s low poly or already has a mainly blocky style look/terrain then go with parts.
But you can really choose either in any situation. The thing is, do you value appearance or optomization more?
You can make a decision based on that. Cheers.
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Thanks for everyone that replyed. I think about this overnight.

Edit: Okay I’ll just leave it there for now. Then after I finish building and making models, I’ll see If I should change it. :slight_smile:

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