Water transparency setting only effects underwater

Adjusting the water transparency seems to only adjust the transparency/level of visibility underwater, not how the water looks on the outside. How do I make it change the transparency of the water on the outside? My studio quality level is max at 21, it doesn’t work when I run the game, changing the graphics mode does nothing, changing the reflectance doesn’t work. I’m not sure what to do.


It may have to do with your lighting, if not, no idea.

Water Transparency is used to make the water more clear, not actually transparency.

I suggest trying to turn up your graphics.

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That’s because your graphic settings are low. Water transparency only begins to work once you’ve turned up your graphics.


Turn your graphics up to 21, then it’ll be transparent (clear).

They are at 21. My graphics are max.

Go to studio settings and make sure they’re at 21 in studio as well


Are both your Quality Level and your Edit Quality Level at 21?

That may be Client Graphics, not Editor Graphics.
I can see the pixels, indicating you have low Editing Quality.

Yes! Everything is max.image

Maybe look at your lighting then

What about the lighting?

changing watertransparency seems to work for me, perhaps reinstall because this is most definitely a glitch.

Interesting. What does it look like in-game? The same?


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Have you tried restarting Studio already? Maybe even re-downloading it?

Your lighting may be affecting the waters transparency, such as Atmosphere or other instances.

I don’t think so, all of the properties are the template baseplate properties.

don’t know if u read mine but try reinstalling?

How come it be so saturated then? Maybe try to open a new tab and try the same thing with water.