Waterfall scene

I’ve recently started using blender to make meshes and decided to try and put together a little scene here with some of the models i made. What do you guys think? any advice for going for a more realistic approach? specifically the planks on the walkway i’m not too sure on how to design for realism. I haven’t made any textures for it so everything else is all Roblox colors and materials.


Heres a picture if you cant visit


I love the detail you put into the map. I would advice lowering the light brightness, I think you are using point light?
But overall, it is amazing!


The light shining on the grass in the corner is way too bright. I think maybe adding some more plants, moss, and land over by the waterfall would look great. Also, it doesn’t look exactly like a waterfall, because the water looks way too similar to fog. Take these things into consideration, you’ve got yourself a perfect waterfall.

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Appreciate the advice and support! This was a sort of light experiment as well as testing out my mesh skills so far. I’ll try and watch how bright I set things.

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This is great detail and it looks amazing! I only have one thing you should probably change: The grass in the corner in the first picture. The light is way too bright on that grass. Otherwise, good job!

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Exploring around all over your “Waterfall Scene” i can. Say it looks really good, i like all the different details you added to it such as the style and vegetation So i decided to check it out. And when i joined to explore, it i think it’s very impressive and amazing! You really have done a decent job on your scene. It looks really great however, i’m going to list some things.You could add to your “Waterfall Scene” to look a lot more! Better but if you want to go for a, realistic approach i know these details will make. Your scene stand out a lot more and you, could use some of my feedback anyway you like overall! I like all the details you implemented into your scene. However i know you said this was your light, experiment and i see your getting there. I would just try turning it down a bit more! So it won’t look so bright in the front!!

Waterfall Scene
So your waterfall is very decent, i like all the details you implement to your scene! And i see you are really doing a great job however there. Is a couple of things i’ll add to your scene, such as vegetation know in (Real Life Waterfalls) they mostly have rocks implemented! Into the water and some on the mountains so, the water can come down, i would recommend you add some rocks, moss, lilies, filler plants, vines, trees, ect. And then you could add some moss and ferns, onto the rocks and different places that will give your waterfall scene a natural, balanced look. However you don’t want to go overboard with the, plants i will just add some rocks! And water connecting going down in the water, as by looking at yours i see you didn’t complete. That however i believe it’s still being worked one! And i will mostly add those to your scene, just to look more natural and, then you could add some more details. So it could look more realistic overall i would mostly! Add some moss. Know moss will develop naturally in, moist environments, such as the rocks in your waterfall. But the best way to implement moss on! Your rock waterfall is to transplant it, moving a whole moss-covered rock to your waterfall. And surrounded it with rocks, and vegetation, only if you plan on doing that but that’s what i’ll add on the mountains and around different places, overall you have done a great job, on your waterfall so far the details, design, layout, is really decent!!

Natural Vegetation
Know i mostly covered the stuff that needs to be added, to your waterfall know i see you didn’t add any kind of vegetation around the waterfall, mountains, pond, ect. As that’s mostly needed to your (Waterfall) so if you plan on adding details! Inside the pond just to give it a natural, look i would add some water lettuce, water hyacinth, water lily, pitcher plant, blue iris, horsetail, dwarf cattail, eelgrass, pickerelweed, arrowhead, ect. Try adding those vegetation around in the pond, lake, area so it could look. More detailed i see you only. Added two kinds of vegetation such as trees, & tall grass, implement into the pond however, these are the details you want to try to go with just to give it! A realistic life to it if you plan on adding some. Other kind of vegetation i would recommend you, add some in the water and on the mountains! As well some around the waterfall so it, could look more natural as well you. Could just add a couple since it’s a waterfall it doesn’t, have to have a bunch of! Plants just a little.


So i really like all of the details that’s implemented to your “Waterfall Scene” and i think it looks really good, but as i said above try adding some vines, moss, plants, rocks, water lettuce, to the pond part and some on the mountain area so it could look more detailed as, well you could add some more vegetation. If you plan on adding details those are! Some i would recommend you add. Overall i think you have done a impressive job, on your scene as well your doing a great job with the details, i listed above it would make your scene. Look more realistic and improved!!


  • Water Lettuce, Water Hyacinth, Water Lily, Pitcher Plant,
  • blue Iris, Horsetail, Dwarf Cattail, Eelgrass & Pickerelweed,
  • Arrowhead, Moss, Hornwort, Waterweed, Eel Grass, Floating Algae
  • Trees, Creeping Jenny, Pickerel, Cardinal Flower, Grass
  • Mosaic Plant, Taro Pond Plants, Cardinal Flower, Mosaic Plant,

So far you have a great piece, And i know this will look good with. More vegetation and other details! Overall keep on building and you’ll be, making a lot more realistic, scenes in no time!

Anyways, you have done amazing job on your (Waterfall Scene) these. Are just some details your waterfall needs. However you don’t have to add all the, details i listed above! But if you plan on adding a bunch of. Details i provided you with some above and! Then you could add some more plants, moss, can’t wait to see more of. This very soon and the different, details you add to your scene overall great job on your waterfall scene. Hope to see the improvements of it as well you have a! Great scene there with more plants and. Other details i know it will make your scene stand! Out more and look more. Realistic overall, great job!


Your trees look amazing, it would be nice to know how you made them. :smirk:

I’m impressed with the amount of detail! I give a 10/10!

The detail on this map/scene is astonishing, however one thing I would say is that the lighting is too bright, if white makes it bright, make the light colour a grey, this helps a lot with brightness!

8/10 I’d recommend making the waterfall flow into the lake. The brightness is too bright right now as well, the trees looks very detailed. Great job!

The detail is great and so is the lighting,keep it up

I really really love it ! i think it’s can be better with more details ! good job !

That looks amazing, the effort you put into it!

For the plank, you could add some old woody texture to it if you want some realism. Here’s one for example:

For the waterfall, I just think it looks like blueish smoke rather than water. I can see you want to make this foggy effect like real waterfalls, but I think you should try to add another layer of “water” behind yours. You could take reference from this:
parisapartment (2)
You can almost see the blue water behind the foggy affect, I suggest you do something like that for your build.

Omg this look so amazing about the waterfall its cool too the sunlight and shadows look perfect i wish you goodluck in making this game

WOW!! This is absolutely beautiful!!! The lighting is perfect!

Wow! This is just… amazing!

1 thing though.

Why is the grass glowing?

I like everything besides the glowing grass! Keep up the good work! :tongue:

Looking pretty good, however the lighting on the grass and the trees is really, really bright lol. Might wanna tone that down just a bit so its easier on the eyes. :+1:

Very very pretty. However as others have stated, I would lower the brightness just a tad. Other than that, I think it’s stunning! Good work! :+1:

It’s so bright, I think it would be awesome if you fixed it.